Best Way To Get Quality Backlinks 100 Powerful Tips.

way to get quality backlinks

First of all this article is writing by me about how to get backlinks. Off Page SEO is the most important factor of search engine optimization. I will show here briefly the best way to get quality backlinks 100 most powerful tips to get quality backlink.

What is back link in SEO?

End of the day backlink is the most important factor to rank by Google search result. Incoming link from other web page is called backlink. Generally a page with lots of backlink is stronger than other page to get rank from search engine. By seeing this 100 tips you will aware what is a good quality backlink.


We know, there are two kinds of optimization, one is ‘On-page Optimization’ and another is ‘Off-page Optimization’.  Backlink is one of the most important parts of ‘Off-page Optimization. In Off-page SEO, social signal and quality backlink is most important factor. If a site wants to get good ranking it will needed high class quality backlink from high authority site. Backlink is the best way to increases search engine ranking and search engine traffic.

So, let’s start, But one things is important to say, Not to more target to your homepage link to get backlink, Target should be more for internal page, guideline and tips type page. This kind of backlink is more effective for search engine optimization.

First of all, I want to say, I take to more time here, because I want to explain every topic one after another. So read the every way attentively to know the best way to get quality backlink.


Let’s See best way to get quality backlinks for your blog

Way number 01: Guest Post To Others Blog: Back linking from other blog is more powerful than others. Search engine has seen this kind of link as a quality backlink. So write a high quality article and post this to others blog. You may offer to post about your site by paying few dollars or buy service from PayPerPost or

Way number 02: Link From Relevant Forum: Search a large number of relevant forum. If your niche is car, you may find huge active forum. Join this forum, try to get link from that forum.

Way number 03: Add To Link In Forum Signature: When you join relevant forum, fill your profile perfectly. Add your site link to this profile. Forum signature is one of the best way to get quality backlinks.

Way number 04: Increase Activity In Blogging Community: Add your site to this kind of community. Submit blog post to this community by increasing your activity. Engage and Inbound are great place to make activity of this community.

Way number 05: Set Your Blog To Ping: Pinging is another best way to get quality backlinks for your blog. This is one kind of free backlink generator. Set your homepage and all post url to best ping site. By pinging of all page url you will get more backlink from there.

Way number 06: Link Back From Web 2.0: Using the web 2.0 site service you can get lot of quality backlink. Like blogger, wordpress, webly, you can make lots of relevant blog site and link from them. Every search engine will see this kind of link as a high quality backlink.

Way number 07: Try To Exchange Link To Other Relevant Blog: Contact with other blogger admin, you can exchange link to your niche related site by other blog. It may be your homepage link or any post page link. But make sure it should be natural by looking. Exchanging link is best way to get quality backlinks.

Way number 08: Comment To Others Blog: Comment is the most simple and great way to get more backlink. Write a short review of article, answer other’s question, give them more value. If your comments are so good, it will be more interesting to others. Make sure fill the URL box to find your site by others.

Way number 09: Involve Question Answer Site: Another best ways to get quality backlink is the involve question answer site. By including your site link you can through relevant question and give a good answer to other’s question.

Way number 10: Make A Wikipedia Page: Wiki link is good quality backlink. Create a wiki page to Wikipedia about your resource. Make a profile to yourself or business. You can get some additional backlink from this page.


What is backlink building?

This is process to collect link from other website. When you collecting to many backlink from to many sources (which ways describe here) is called building of backlink.

Way number 11: Use Technorati Tags: Using the Technorati tool you can create easily tag. You will get more links from search engine form this Technorati tag.

Way number 12: Respond To Your Blog Comment: A good quality article get lots of comment from others. To become an authority post you may respond these comments. By increasing this activity you will get trust by people and search engine.

Way number 13: Stay Connected With Social Networking Site: There are more traffic you can get from social networking site. Join the all social networking site like; Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, QZone, Tumblr, Twitter, Baidu Tieba, Skype. Not only get traffic but also get lots of backlink.

Way number 14: Connect Your Friends To Your Site: Your friends are may be also your traffic. So connect them to your site by engaging from social networking site or directly.

Way number 15: Increase Activity to Social Media: After joining social media (like as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) you should connect your site with this media randomly. Increase this kind of social media activity regularly. Regular activity means regular traffic.

Way number 16: Try To More Internal Linking In Post: Internal linking or relevant linking is important factor for ranking to your site. Link your blog post to other relevant blog post. When you have so many posts it will be easy for internal linking.

Way number 17: Submit Site To Top Blogging Directory: Search the top quality blogging directory or web directory to submit your blog site. To keep with current SEO, it is an important to get quality backlink. Submit your blog to top blogging or web directory, like as EatonWeb Blog Directory, OnToplist, Blog Search Engine, Bloggapedia.

Way number 18: Submit Site Post To Social Bookmarking Site: Social bookmarking sites are best for promote your blog site. Share all kinds of post to top class social bookmarking sites, like as pinterest,, delicious, stumbleupon.

Way number 19: Submit Site To Edu, Gov Site: If you want to get best quality backlink, you must submit your blog to forum and blog of EDU and GOV site. Most search engine like this kind of do-follow backlink and give value to your blog site as an authority.


Way number 20: Create Authority Posts: Always try to make authority post in your site. Make this for your readers, give them value. If readers like your post, they will come back again for more value, they will appreciate you, comment you for this post, your site will become authority.

Way number 21: Create More List Type Post: Top 10, top 5, this kind of words can give more value to your post. People always search more these kinds of post. So try to create more list type post in your site.

Way number 22: Respond To Your Email: Getting authority or returning user/readers you should respond to your email. People want to help by their question; you should answer by linking your post.

Way number 23: Show The Related Post On Same Article: Try to engage visitor in more time to tour site. This make bounce rate is very low position which is good for ranking. You may try to show related post on your article page, visitor may visit the other related article to find more information.

Way number 24: Write In International Language: English is the international language; the audience of this language is higher than others. So, target the big audience and get more traffic.

Way number 25: Install A Text Translator: On the other side, there are so many language used in this world. If you don’t target this people you may lose that traffic. Chinese is another biggest language in web. Install a text translator for this reader to read easily.

Way number 26: Link From Squidoo Page: Create a good looking squidoo page for your blog page. Make this page by fulfilling all information with your blog link. You may get some link from this page.

Way number 27: Submit Site To Top Niche Directory: This is too much easy to search top niche directory by your topic. Submit your niche blog site to this directory. Niche link directory submission is one of the powerful submissions for search engine ranking.

Way number 28: Submit All Post To Stumbleupon: Get strong backlink from stumbleupon by posting with link of all post from your blog.

Way number 29: Publish RSS Feed To Your Site: Some people will subscribe if you publish an RSS feed for your site. People will see when you can publish an article as new entries. If you don’t publish RSS feed then webmaster don’t see your any updates. You may get some link from people as the source.

Way number 30: Submit Your Site To RSS Directory: You can find RSS directory list by searching RSS feed submitter. To get more traffic and quality backlink submit your blog site to top Google RSS feed directory. The top quality RSS directories are RSS Feed Directory, RSS Network, RSS One ect.

Way number 31: Submit To News Stories Site: The reality is news stories sites are get more and more traffic. If you write recent news, controversial news, fake news stories or trending news related with your niche; submit this article to news stories site as more as possible. You will get huge backlink using this trick.

Way number 32: Join Blogging Contest: Sometime you can find few blogging contest. Join this contest, if you win, you will be highlighted by others, and also you will get backlink.

Way number 33: Donate To Some Charity Site: There are so many charity organization in the world. Some of them maintain website. Donate them, you may get some backlink.

Way number 34: Sponsor Some Blogging Contest: Try to sponsor some blogging contest or create a contest. Definitely you will get more backlink from this contest program.

Way number 35: Post An Ad To Craigslist: Craigslist is the largest online classified ad site. Post an ad to this largest site with your site link.

Way number 36: Write High Quality Content: Content is the king. Your site will become authority with this high quality content. Authority site will go viral continuously.

Way number 37: Write ‘The Ultimate’ In Title: Title is one of the important part of content. Most of readers will not read a post if this title is not attractive. The ultimate is one of the best words to use in title. This kind of article with this title will get more backlink.

Way number 38: Write Long Tutorial Type Post: Post for tutorial of any topic. Tutorial type post gets more traffic naturally. If you make long tutorial as an article, readers will love this and get some backlinks also.

Way number 39: Write How To Type Post: People want to learn that’s why they came to your site. Write the post how to type and give them more information who to learned from this article. This type of post will rank easily.

Way number 40: Starting The Title With Attractive Word: Use that kind of words which is the attractive for title. That means use the eye catching word, like as way, proven, top, best,

Way number 41: Write Review In Forum Site: There are website review forum in almost every forum site. Write an attractive review for your site to this forum to collect a backlink.

Way number 42: Add An Invitation Page To Link Exchange: Make an extra page named invitation page. This page will offer to link exchange to other bloggers. Definitely you will get some backlink with this system.

Way number 43: Product Review On Your Site: Write a great review for new and up-coming product for companies. This is an advertisement for company’s product. For this advertisement company has spent so much money. If your review articles are best for producer, may be this post get link from there.

Way number 44: Celebrity Is The Good Topic To Write: People like entertainment, celebrity are going to entertain to you. These topics will one of the best to write your blog. These topics are going to viral easily. If you write about this you will get more links.

Way number 45: Link From Near Friends: Some of your near friends are bloggers, and some will be. Some will be encouraged by you to start blogging. Get link all of them carefully.

Way number 46: Make Profile To Resume Directories: Make your resume with mentioning your website link. Submit this resume to resume directory. Surely you get some backlinks.

Way number 47: Give Something For Free: Collect some paid tools, paid tutorials or software and get the people to download by free. You will get more traffic for this free product. Please make sure you are not violating any copyright rules.

Way number 48: Submit To Article Site: Write an attractive article with your topic. You may find lots of site who approve article with do-follow link at the bottom of the article. Contact with them and submit this article to their site with your blog link. By this submitting you can get some backlink from them.

Way number 49: Submit Site To Digg: To get one of the quality do-follow backlink you should submit your site to This submits will play role to crawling by Google.

Way number 50: Submit Press Release To Press release Site: Using the press release you can get more traffic and share. Send any kinds of best article, compare any good product, any latest news or update about your blog to press release site.

What is domain authority of a website?

It is one of the matric of calculating by based off data from the Moz web index, link counts, trusted score and so many other factors. That means which website has got high score out of 100; we have thought that site is much stronger than others.

Way number 51: Try To Get Vote From Digg Readers: If your article get value to dig readers, they will give like and vote for this article or post. This vote is given value to get more traffic for your site.

Way number 52: Viral Your Site: Make your content article post viral with social media engagement. Share your article to more media like as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as more as possible. Defiantly you will get huge response from this media.

Way number 53: Write Featured Or Controversial Issued: There are some issue which make too much controversial, write about this issue. People read more any kind of featured or controversial content. This kind of content gets huge traffic and get lot of backlink.

Way number 54: Write Current News Related Post: Trending item are going viral too easily, with this kind of post you get more traffic. So try to post with latest news in the world as early as possible.

Way number 55: Write Comparison Post: People can make decision easily when they read comparison post. So write the comparison post about product with product, niche with niche.

Way number 56: Create A Nice Looking E-Book: With your website link create a nice looking eBook. Publish this book to various downloading site for free. You will get more traffic and link from this eBook.

Way number 57: Write List About Top 10 Tips Or Top 10 Mistakes: We write all content for readers, so write those type of content what is loved by people. Top 10 mistakes or top 10 tips is one of the best writing styles for people.

Way number 58: Write A Useful Whitepaper: Whitepaper is one kind of heuristic article. Write a very useful and great heuristic article related to your niche. Help your blogging friends to spread on the internet.

Way number 59: Write Trending Hot Stories: Don’t miss to write about hot stories. Know about hot stories at this moment and keep this news to your site. This kind of post will get more traffic and backlink.

Way number 60: Keep A News Section and Update regularly: New article generally gets more traffic. Try to keep a section about news in your blog. Post news article and update this section regularly.

Way number 61: Setup Site Feed On Feed Burner: The Feed Burner make easy to get subscribe from people. This step will help you by encouraging other to subscribe your site. If you make some subscription after that you can get more easily.

Way number 62: Posts Article Specific Time: This is important to publish your article at specific time for search engine. Publish post on Monday, never publish on weekend. You can set the specific date and time for publish your post.

Way number 63: Local Business Directories: Promote your site to your local business directories. By getting backlink from this directories will help your site to make as authority to Google.

Way number 64: Infographic Content: Make a high class infographic content which are easily catch by people. Generally this kind of content included lots of infographic image lake as tutorial, how to type content. This type of content get huge traffic and backlink.

Way number 65: Learn More About Your Topic: Your site should good looking by people. It should be healthier by some great content which are giving more value by visitor. No more great content or value means no traffic, rank and link. Try to give them value to publish great content regularly. For this you should be learn more about your niche.

Way number 66: Meet Other Blogger in Offline: To collect some quality backlink you can meet other blogger in offline. Make a good relation with them for idea sharing, link exchanging, content sharing and more.

Way number 67: Comment On Online Newspaper: Comment like as blog commenting. As the newspaper site gets huge traffic, you can get also more traffic by commenting in this site post. Also get some authority backlinks.

Way number 68: Mention All Source In Article: Keep the source link in your article. This kind of practices is good for webmasters and other bloggers. These practices will increase the intention of link exchange by other bloggers.

Way number 69: Submit Site To Free Web Directories: There are lots of free web or blog directories you can find. List some special quality free directory and submit your blog site to them. From this submission you will get quality backlink.

Way number 70: Join Some Local Club: Now a days each and every one try to maintain their website. You may find some of local club who have website. Join that kid of club; make your profile with linking your website.

Way number 71: Recruit A Link Building Consultant: To collect more quality backlink you may recruit a link building consultant. A proper consult can make some quality backlink.

Way number 72: Ask Other Blogger to Interview You: By an interview publish to other blog you can get backlink. Meet the other bloggers and ask for an interview of you.

Way number 73: Make Some Friends: Visitors are your traffic. Make them friends to come back in your site. Contact with them, make a relationship. When they will come again you will be authority. More friends mean more traffic.

Way number 74: Buy Some Links: There are some link sales service on web. You can purchase some backlink from there service. Make sure there are no fake links.

Way number 75: Use MySpace And Link From This: There are lots of friends in MySpace. If you do not any page in MySpace, make a page now. Share your blog link to there. You may get more visitors from there.

Way number 76: Write For Beginners: As a readers you can think, most people are beginner in your field. Try to write for them your topic easy as much as possible. As a beginner label readers they will like your article also may be they will share this post.

Way number 77: Review Post Before Publishing: After writing an article review this few times before publishing. Make sure all materials are given this post. If all on page seo materials are ok then publish.

Way number 78: Check Spelling Mistake: Before publishing check another common mistake which is spelling mistake. Use Gramarly as spell checker. Try to no spell mistake there.

Way number 79: Collect Link From Yahoo Answer: This is the great way to collect quality backlink. Answer that question which is relevant to your niche with website link. Make sure answer will be good, otherwise you may get penalty.

Way number 80: Buy Blogroll Links: You can buy some blogroll links from others. Some blogger are trading blogroll links to promote any page of your site. Buy these kinds of link if their blog site is good and authority site.


Collecting Natural Backlink Is Best Way.

Way number 81: Give Award To Top Blogger: This is an interest way to make quality backlink. Give some awards who are the best blogger in your niche. They will give you link by their website.

Way Number 82: Launch A Product: Make a quality product for people and launch this to Amazon, Ebay or other big marketplace with your blog link. This backlink is high quality authority backlink from Google.

Way number 83: Offer Some Events Or Seminars: You may get some link from events or seminars. If you make some events or seminars with a great topic and get huge response defiantly you will make some links.

Way number 84: Be Transparent Form Search Engines: Spamming is harmful for blog site by search engine. Make your site clean and transparent for readers. Make proper on-page and off-page seo for ranking in search engine. If your site is transparent of all things it will be ranking smoothly.

Way number 85: Make A Podcast And Submit It: Podcast is one of the real content where you can make easily. Make a great podcast for your blog and submit this to podcast sharing site with your blog link. This is another way to get backlink.

Way number 86: Private Blog Network: At first we say PBN is against Google’s guidelines but it works. Make more website and link to your site; you may collect backlink from other site. If you make interlink to others carefully, you may avoid PBN.

Way number 87: Link From Image Directories: Submit your image or infographic to image directories including your website link. Also you may create high quality backlinks by promoting your website from Image sharing sites like as Deviantart, Photobucket, Smugmug, Imgur, Fliker.

Way number 88: Link From Theme Designer: Each theme developer has a portfolio. Contact your theme developer as a user of their theme. Request to the developer to show your website in his portfolio. If he links your website as an example you will get backlink.

Way number 89: Use Google Group For Answer And Question: This site is similar of yahoo answer. You may collect some high quality backlink by answering the question.

Way number 90: Use Discussion Board: Search that kind of board which are not get proper answer. Use this board by giving the best answer briefly. If you engage this kind of discussion board people will love you.


Is This Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks?

Way number 91: Make A Surveys: Make a survey form with a great topic. And through this survey to people for fill this. They feel important and you get some lead from this survey.

Way number 92: Post Interview To Other Bloggers: Make a page where you want to know other bloggers to interview them. Other bloggers are contact with you because every blogger want to be famous. It is clear that after publishing the interview they will link back this interview.

Way number 93: Get Listed In Top Paid Directories: You can also submit your site to paid web directories. If you have some budget then make these kind of paid listed. These tips are the most useful way to gain high quality backlink. Best of the Web (BOTW), MasterMOZ Directory,, and Directory Journal are the most popular paid directories for SEO.

Way number 94: Make Sure Something Special: Make all thing by special style. Write your article with eye catching heading; include a nice infographic which is special from others. Decorate your blog style that attracts people.

Way number 95: Make Offer More Downloads: Make some free product for them who want to get free. Offer for free download for them. For this kinds of free product people will come back again. Definitely you will get some link from these tips.

Way number 96: Make a Viral YouTube Video: Make a short but quality video for YouTube which will be viral. Include your web page link in the video description. If this video has gone viral you will make huge traffic and backlinks.

Way number 97: Stay Connected With Write a quality article for with available topic and link to your website. Your article may be crawled by user. You may get some backlinks.

Way number 98: Get Attention From The Media: All kinds of media can help you to rank from Google. Print and electronic media one of these. Especially social media are the best to get more backlink and traffic. So always try to attention from the media to increase raking your site.

Way number 99: Make A Directory OF Your Blog: To reciprocate page link make a directory of your blog. Feature in your homepage those who give you link. By this way you get more links to your blog page.

Way number 100: Update Your Blog Site Regularly: The final way is very important to rank in search engine. Always update your site by posting regularly. People will trust your site if they get information or value continuously. More trust more traffic more information more rank more backlink.

Finally if you like this best way to get quality backlinks for seo, please share this to your friends to help them. We try to cover almost all tips to create high quality backlinks free. Also covering how to create backlinks manually by most ways.

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