Top 15 Food Business Ideas in India Pakistan and Bangladesh

food business ideas

In this article I want to show you some food business ideas in subcontinent like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. All of this business you can start with low investment right now. You can also start this within massive scale. All are depends on your thinking.

Let’s see the top 15 Food Business Ideas

  1. Ice Cream Shop: In food category ice-cream is one of the most populist items for people. Children and young people are like this most. Ice-cream shop is my 1st choice of best food business ideas.


  1. Juicer Shop: Juice is another most like food in the category. One glass of juice is very tested when people are much tried. You can make different type of juice in your juicer shop. Establish a juicer shop with low investment right now.


  1. Coffee Shop: In any local area, coffee shop is most popular business idea for us. Everybody likes tea or coffee. If you make better service form other, people will like you. You may start this now.


  1. Dessert Shop: Now a days dessert will most growing food business in this industry. People like to taste different kinds of desserts. Opening a quality dessert shop you might be a good investment.


  1. Frozen Shop: There are some kind of food needs to be frozen for its freshness. Some kinds of snakes, yogurt, custard, soft-drinks, processed fish or meat, needs to be frozen before sale. You can start it now.


  1. Organic Food shop: To avoid adulteration people search organic food. That’s why organic food shop is in this best food business ideas list. If you have an organic food shop, you make more money than who have a non-organic food store.


  1. Sea food sales: There are lots of people love sea fish. If you have opportunity, Collect different kinds of sea food, sale this after process. You may sale this seafood by food chain, wholesaling, or online shops.


  1. Bakery business: Bakery is the most common business in food industry. Every person needs this bakery item in regular basis. Start this bakery business in popular place to earn more money.


  1. Buffet Restaurant: The system of buffet lunch or dinner is going more popular recently. Before start this buffet restaurant you need to know cost management tips strongly. I will try to share this management tips in my another article. After all this business is more profitable.


  1. Catering Service: This is a great food business idea where you give quality service to your client. Before this you should to know statistics about the catering industry. Marketing strategy is key point for your success.


  1. Grocery Delivery Service: Some people are so busy and some people are so lazy, for those kinds of people you can start home delivery service for grocery items. At recent times, this business is rapidly growing.


  1. Processed Spice Sale: Everyone uses spices. I think it’s easier to use ready-made spice. Put these spices in the plastic bottles. After that sale this processed spice in popular marketplace with smart marketing.


  1. Popcorn Cart: In front of recreational places or a good restaurant you can establish your popcorn cart. People always love popcorn to spend some nice time with their friends and family.


  1. Chocolate shop: Kids love chocolate, teenage girls also love chocolate. Target these kinds of customer and make a chocolate shop in popular place.


  1. Mobile Restaurant: Finally one more business you can start with low investment and that is mobile restaurant. You can also establish this business in front of recreational place, because lots of potential customers are there.

Without some invest you can’t do anything. Start one from this best 15 food business ideas with low investment right now. If you like my small scale food business ideas list please share with your friends and family.

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