How To Save Money Fast? 50 Ways Best Money Saving Tricks, Tips, Methods

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There are huge ways to save money from your lower income. When I think it surprising me that, people have try how to save money from salary from every month.  In this saving money and minimalism tricks, tips and method, I want give you 50 best ideas to save money quickly. From all of these tips you can save money in daily, monthly or yearly basis. It is really important to save some money for our future. Try this ideas I am sure you should get best result.

How much money should you save each month?

Its depend totally up to you! I can’t say about your strategy to money saving tricks. This article will help you to get simple idea about the best way to save money fast.


Let’s see the top 50 Ways to Money Saving tricks, Tips, and Methods When You Have Low Income.

  1. Fast food is pricey and unhealthy; also the cost of this thing is high. So try to avoid this.
  2. Less expensive things do not last long. Buy good quality appliance that can be used for many days.
  3. Plan your meal according to your nearest grocery store brochure. You will find some saving thought.
  4. It’s not important to buy new things all the time. If possible, you can buy occasional used items.
  5. If possible take lunch to the office, from the house. Save it in cash regular basis.
  6. If the city’s passenger transport service is available for you, use this public transport system.
  7. Try to move your bank accounts who give more interest. End of the year you may get some extra money.
  8. If you have enough collection then stops collecting. No more buy means you save something. You may start selling something from your collection.
  9. In a near from you Join every customer rewords program who gives you free product or something.
  10. If you have to give gifts then make it yourself. You can find lots of idea for Google or YouTube to make this gift idea.

Mind it this is not money saver machine.

  1. Before shopping write a list and stick for this. If not done this you will see some of items are not needed at the moment.
  2. Repair before leaving the garment clothes. Don’t through your shirt or pant just for broken a single button or zipper.
  3. Do not spend huge money for the child’s happiness. Sometimes you may go park or zoo where are not so expensive.
  4. Try to negotiate about the rates with your credit card company to avoid some extra service charge.
  5. Clean your house yourself every time. You make a schedule to do this job.
  6. Just drink water without taking soft drinks. Lots of drinking water is healthier for everyone.
  7. Smoking is injurious for health. Quit smoking, end of the month it will be a lot of savings.
  8. Keep the lights and fan off when not needed. Do not play television without the need.
  9. Exchange music, movies, software on the Internet. Also try to exchange book at the library.
  10. Install the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs and light emitting diode (LED) light when needed.


How can we save money for the future?

At this time, I can say we are not serious about how to start saving money each day. Be more practices to save money every single day.


  1. The car has some simple tasks that you can do manually; it will save some cash for you.
  2. Leave the use of credit card. Apparently it seems to work but increases the cost.
  3. Buy groceries items from stores, where you can buy at low prices. You can verify prices in some stores.
  4. Whatever you can do, do it yourself always. This practice allows you to save money and time.
  5. Do not spend unconsciously on emotional distress. At this time forgetting the mind becomes a lot of cost.
  6. If need, do your own maintenance work in your appliances. This will increase your sense of things also.
  7. Cancel those clubs which you do not enjoy membership. Save the monthly membership fee.
  8. Always keep your hands clean for being healthy. It will keep you away from sickness and expense.
  9. Remove all credit card numbers from online accounts. It encourage shopping online.
  10. Avoid shopping at holidays, this is the rush time. You may get discounts on other days.


Think about how to save money every month budgeting.

  1. There are some unpopular things that are never used at home. Remove unnecessary items to save your sanity and some cash.
  2. To save some money makes some meals at home to get the taste of the restaurant.
  3. Shopping Mall is not suitable for purchasing few things. Avoid the mall unless you actually need to purchase more.
  4. When you buy anything without the plan, just think 10 second. Do not buy anything that is not really useful for you.
  5. When you decide to go on a trip, you must think about the budget. Try or keep this cost under control.
  6. You can rent out unused space in your home. Security and other purpose should be in mind.
  7. If you have some unused online subscription, then Cancel all kinds of online or offline magazine subscription.
  8. Discuss about how to saving money with the nearest people, you can find more suitable idea.
  9. Keep a notebook in your pocket and write the idea of saving money and minimalism.
  10. To live a cheaper place is best tips for saving money when you have low income.

Think about every single tips how to save money for the future.

  1. Check out free events in town. – Each town has some free events, join with this for your refreshment.
  2. If you have simple hair style, try this unpopular idea to cut your own hair to save some cash in monthly.
  3. Make a regular schedule for working on home; as a result you will save some money. Like regular homework and maintenance.
  4. Whenever possible pick some food from road. From them you can buy cheaper price.
  5. When you want to buy a car, try to look at used models. Now at least some money will be saved.
  6. In shave time you can use normal razor. It is not important to use electronic razor. As a result you can save some money.
  7. Search more inspiration on daily basis to make clever idea. Any idea can change something.
  8. Make some cleaning items if you can. These kinds of items are cheaper than buying the commercial versions.
  9. When someone comes to your home or meet in your place, Give your family and friends a hint of cheap entertainment.
  10. Fruits and vegetables are healthier then meat. On the other sides, meat is now very expensive. So with compare, eat more fruits and vegetable.


For the future we want to save money. For our child and family we try to save money every month.

I think you can make save in different ways. In this 50 ways how to save money tips will help you to achieve your goal.

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