Top 15 Small Business Ideas For Women With Low Investment Specially For Indian Women

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In the recent world we can see women are also got the some leading position. For this position they do more straggles.  In this article I want to show some of best small business ideas for women. All kinds of business need investments but I make this 15 business ideas which you can start with low investments.

If you can inspired from this business ideas we will be proud.


Let’s see the top best 15 business ideas for women.

  1. Start an online business: Very recently women are interesting in online industry. In online platform women can start some business, which are very easy to handle.
  2. Event Manager: Event management business is one of the most popular businesses in recent time. As an event manager women can start this one.
  3. Dietitians & Nutritionist: It is really important to be healthy for being peaceful life. For this we maintain a best diet and nutrition. Women can do this consulting business. This is a great business for women.
  4. Middleman Agent: Agent always enjoys the more benefits. Make a middleman agent business as you can. Female are more beneficiated for this business.
  5. Financial Adviser: Counseling is a great service business now. I believe women will be doing this business much better.
  6. Education & Training: I think women now have a lot of training proficiency. They will be very good at teaching. And they can earn a lot of money from this sector.
  7. Interior Designer: This kind of decoration business is firstly growing business in India. First of all you need to build good relationship with real estate agents, builders and architects.
  8. Old Age Service: Make an old age center service. You can grow this business at the speed of light. Some of NGO will provide financial support to develop this. There will be a lot of passion and love here.
  9. Day Care center: It is also called a child care center. Day care center is more profitable business in the world, mostly in India. Some requirement may be needed to start this business.
  10. Job HR Service: I have seen many companies give priority to women for HR posts. This is a respected profession. Make an excellent career by this job.
  11. Relationship Adviser: There is a lot of trouble in the relationship in the present time. Many times this relationship hangs over the thread, and many relationships become divorced. Create an organization, where you would advise as a relationship advisor.
  12. Jam & pickle business: Women can create many seasoning pickles. If you have such qualities about this, then you can start this business.
  13. Stitching work & training: Tailoring is another most common business in every area. You can start a stitching work & training institute to teach people who have interest about this.
  14. Restaurant Business: If you make a restaurant in popular place it will be more profitable. In future women will lead this business. So why not you start now?
  15. Home Delivery Business: Any kinds of Items or food you can deliver to your client by door to door. Make a business page or small shop for their reliability. Home delivery business is most growing business in this world.

Actually, there are lots of business you can start right now, but I just make a short list of best business ideas for women which can start with low investment. This is also great business ideas for housewives. Start from this one, after that you can grow this in massive scale.

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