Top 50 Amazing Small Business Ideas In India To Make Your Own Business

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Starting these low investment business ideas in India list I want to emphasize which is the small scale business. In India, there are lots of small scale business opportunities to start your own business.

First of all you need to know what categories business you start now. In small scale Home based business or online related business or different kind of local shop is more comfortable for you.

If you searching low investment business, I think these lists of business ideas are enough. In this article I want to show you top 50 small scale and best profitable business ideas. And this is start right now with small investment.

Top 50 Small Business Ideas in India

  1. Computer Servicing Center: Computer is one of the most essential products in the world. Probably every educated people are using this. And this computer is servicing when needed. Make a servicing center if you have some technical knowledge.
  2. Computer Training Centre: What I say in the 1st one, for those people who don’t know how to maintain computer, you can start a computer training center.
  3. Yoga Institute: Yoga is most growing industry in India. This is the powerful factor of mental & physical health. Build a yoga institute as you can.
  4. Real Estate Consultant: Make you as a real estate consultant. Real estate business is another big industry in sub-continent. This is one of the best business ideas in India.
  5. Baby Care Centre: Make a baby or child care center for those people who are maintaining house and job at the same time. They haven’t enough opportunity to take care of their child.
  6. Old Care Centre: In the other side some senior citizen are face problem at their home. Make an old care center for them.
  7. Mobile Servicing Store: If you have some technical knowledge about mobile, you can make a mobile servicing store. There are enough customers, you can start it now.
  8. Courier Service Agent: People want to send any items to their friends and family. For this issue we use any courier service. You can make an agent by any courier service. This is the nice business.
  9. Advertising Agency: Manufacture are wants more sale to their product. For mare sale they make advertisement. You can make an advertisement agency to help their advertise.
  10. Hall Decoration Service: Any kind of decoration service you should to have some creative idea. You may start this decoration service with just low investment.
Good business is the best art.
  1. Belts Shop: Everybody needs this. Keep more categories belt for man, women and child. In a good place you can start your belt sealing business.
  2. Aquarium Fish Shop: Some people are like to keep fish in aquarium to their house. This is the profitable business I think. Start aquarium fish shop in your local market.
  3. Small Gift Shop: Everybody like to gift to their liked people. There are lots of occasions for giving gift. Gift shop is another most profitable business now.
  4. Popcorn Cart Stall: Start a popcorn cart stall near of recreational place. Like child park, zoo, popular market or any botanical garden. Most of people like popcorn. This is the best start up business to start in India.
  5. Juicer Shop: Juice is nutrition food, when people are tired then a glass of juice makes him or her relax. Try to start a juicer shop in popular place to more sales.
  6. Office Stationary Supply Business: Another good business is supply business. Stationary is the most common product in every office. Make your supply business for office.
  7. Event Organizing Business: Most people create an event, and they have not enough opportunity to maintain this. Then they order this to an event management agency. Make your business for this kind of event organization.
  8. Puja items shop: Keep a huge collection of puja item. These types of items are sale every time, especially puja’s time. This is the most profitable business ideas with low investment in Pujas time.
  9. Printing & Photocopy Shop: For this business you have to need a printer machine and a photocopy machine. Start this business in busy area to get more profit.
  10. Flower Shop: Most of occasion people needs flower. Flower is symbol of beauty, symbol of mourning and symbol of love. Make a flower shop with low investment.
Good business leaders create a vision.
  1. Small Garment Shop: Garment clothing business is mostly common business. This is the basic needs for every people. Every market has garment shop. You make one of this.
  2. Rent a Car service: If you have a good administrative power, I suggest you to maintain a rent a car service. This is the most profitable business ideas in this list.
  3. Website Design Business: If you interested in online business, then I will tell you some of online related business which is start with some knowledge. First one is website design business. For this business you should know coding language.
  4. Data Entry Service: From online industry you can data entry work. You can also make an agency for this service. There are some good marketplaces for this kind of job.
  5. Match Maker Business: Match making is another popular business. There are lots of prospective customers. Start this business with a faithful agency.
  6. Driving Teaching Service: In training profession, driving is one of them. Give this service and earn some money. If you make an agency you will be more trustable.
  7. Start a Blogging: From online industry blogging is the best business if you maintain it regularly. From a popular blog you can make different kinds of income.
  8. Tea & Coffee House: Another most common business is tea shop or coffee shop. This is profitable business because people are always come here. Make a good looking tea or coffee shop for more income than others.
  9. Ice-Cream Shop: In the summer session ice-cream is the most lubricated business. In other session you may get lass sale than summer.
  10. Catering Service Business: Catering is growing business now. Make a small team and start catering service business without investment.
You must learn how to motivate yourself.
  1. Domain Hosting Business: Collect VPS Hosting or Dedicated Servers to start this business. Investment will depend your customer type and number. In online industry this is the good business.
  2. Affiliate Marketer: Be an affiliate marketer of popular marketplace. Amazon, ebay, Alibaba is the high class trustable marketplace. Make your account, sale their product and earn some commission.
  3. Videography Service: Recently any kinds of event are coverage by video. Make your videography service for this event cover. After video you will give your client an edited best quality service.
  4. Milk Business: Every conscious person looks for good milk. Make this business very easily. Collect milk and sale this, otherwise make a dairy farm for collecting milk.
  5. Car Wash Center: Everybody wash their car but somebody wash car in own hand. Make a car wash center by targeting whose people who want wash their car in any center.
  6. Pest Control Service: Killing the insect pest control service is one of the best ways. You can start this with small amount of invest.
  7. Private Detective Agency: A detective agency to determine the culprit, but this is Inadequate for lots of culprit. That’s why private detective agency is needed. Make an agency like this.
  8. Insurance Agent: Make an insurance agent by a mother insurance company. In this sector you may get more commission in a certain period. And I think this in a good business idea.
  9. CCTV Installation: In recent time crime has increased a lot. That’s why CCTV is key business now. If you know how to install this, make this kind of installation service.
  10. Organic Food Business: Recently people like organic product. You can start this business with build an organic farm. You can start this business by collecting this food.
A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
  1. Old Book Shop: Create a huge collection of old and new. Sometimes we can’t find a book when needed and maximum times we find this to an old book shop. Make this shop, and this is a good service. You can do rent book also.
  2. Coaching Centre: Teaching is the best honorable profession I think. Make a coaching center and give teach your best knowledge to your prospective student.
  3. Gymnasium center: Everybody wants to feet by his own side. That’s why people want go Gymnasium center. This is a good business with some investment.
  4. Toy Shop: Toy is I the most lubricated items to sale. Every parents give some toys to their baby is regular basis. Make this toy shop with some investment.
  5. Parking Business: If you have some free space you can start parking business. Some people make this business in front of popular market. You may lease some land for this business.
  6. Ticket Booking Agent: Target those people who are travelling regularly for your ticket booking business. Make a trustable ticket booking agent and start this cool business.
  7. Sweet Corn Shop: Sweet corn is now more popular. Make a business by growing sweet corn farm.
  8. Stationary Store: This kind of store keeps variety product. Every person purchase stationary item. Start this small business in your local area.
  9. Grocery Shop: Grocery item is also needed for everyone. Keep all kinds of product like as super shop. You can go for home delivery service also with this grocery shop.
  10. Pharmacy Shop: Every local area has pharmacy shop I think. Collect a drug license to start pharmacy business. Pharmacy is one of the best small businesses in this list.


End of writing this list, I focused the best list of small business ideas in India. This is just a list not briefly discussion. I will try to write briefly how to start this business in another article.

Make your opinion about small scale business ideas in India. If you like this share with your friends and family.


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