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Why most people search best small business idea in recent world?  Or search specific country? Because they want to do some business. They also want to know which business will start with low investment. I make a list here top 20 small business ideas for you.

Top 20 Small Business Ideas

  1. Home Based Maintenance Service: Offer for Fridge, Television, sanitation, Electricity maintenance service.


  1. Home Based Food Supply Service: Like frozen foods, different kinds of meat, baby foods you may supply to home.


  1. Pest Control Service: Make an offer to your potential buyer to kill all kinds of insect.


  1. Interior Designer or Decorator: You can start an interior design business with getting ideal guidelines.


  1. Event Management Service: Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, and Business Dinners you may offer for this service.


  1. Social Media Consultant: You may be a business consultant of Facebook, twitter and any others social media.


  1. E-Commerce online Business: Make an online shop to sale all kinds of product. Like eBay or Amazon.


  1. Virtual Assistance Service: You may be a virtual assistance for your online office boss.


  1. Article or Content writer: Now a day’s writing service is one of the most trending businesses.


  1. Blogging with Affiliate marketing: Make a blog site to get commission by selling affiliate product.


  1. SEO Farm: Search Engine Optimization service is may be huge business in World Wide Web.


  1. Photographer: You can also maximize your earnings by selling photograph to many website.


  1. Beauty Salon or SPA Service: You may offer luxury day spa facilities including beauty salon.


  1. Coaching center: Create Knowledge sharing culture. Coaching or training center is cool business for you.


  1. Security Agency: There are lots of security services you may offer, like home security, office security by the CCTV camera.


  1. Day care center: To provide safe, affordable, high quality childcare for the children, you make offer this service.


  1. Gym and Fitness Center: Fitness industry is booming, make a fitness center for Gym.


  1. Organic Producer: Establish a self-regulated industry to make organic food which avoids the use of man-made fertilizers.


  1. Farming Business: You can start planning your farm business, like poultry or dairy.


  1. Restaurant Business: Another most popular business is restaurant business, you can start this one.


I think this list to enough to start a business for you. List making is easy but start something is not easy. It’s really tough to make big thing as the first step. Small business is going to large business after its success. So start this small business with low invest right now.

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