Top 20 Small Scale Business Ideas With Low Invest In India

small scale business ideas

Most of small scale business ideas for those people who are not able to invest huge amount. On the other hand this kind of business you can start with low investment. In this article I will show you a list of top 20 small scale business ideas. Using one of these proven ideas you make lots of money.

Top 20 Small Scale Business Ideas

  1. Coaching Center: If you like teaching then go for a coaching center. This is the respectful business than others. Search a good place and start this business.
  2. Laundry service: Laundry business is so easy to start for everyone. This is the most stable business. Initial investment can be relatively small. Start this with simple plan.
  3. Farming Business: Farming is most growing business. If you want to farm business, you can start with poultry, dairy, Quail birds, Pigeon, goat, pig etc.
  4. Food delivery service: Door to door food delivery service business, you can start this just like without invest. From every service you may get some commission.
  5. Day care center: Day care centers are in higher demand than ever before. You can start a daycare center business by meeting some requirements. Like license, Safety, location and Staffing.
  6. Senior care centers: This is complicated startup business, needs to plan for services like meals, laundry, supervision, housekeeping and daily living assistance. Senior care is social and health-related services.
  7. Travel Agency: Organize travel tour for people who like travelling. For this business make your own travel agency.
  8. Man power supply: Make some regular clients who are searching for prospective employee. Give them man power and earn some money on regular basis.
  9. Hair salon service: Make a small scale type hair salon. This is another stable business in any place. The cost will vary depending on your plan.
  10. Candle Making: Make several types of candle and sell this to your local market on wholesale basis. This is another good small scale business idea.
  11. Cloth Boutique House: You can start cloth boutique at your home. Keep unique cloth variety and make some marketing to success from this business.
  12. Pharmacy Business: The pharmacy business is increasing rapidly in India. Drug license is must requirement for this business.
  13. Local bakery business: Make a local bakery to make bakery product. For success from this business you should a high class business plan.
  14. Internet Service Provider: If you have a good knowledge about technology, then start an internet service provider business.
  15. Decoration Service: Now a day every party needs decoration. Make some decoration offer to earn money from some parties.
  16. Stationery Store: Make a small store to sale stationery items. Cost of opening a stationery store depending on your plan.
  17. Beauty Parlor: Another most growing business is beauty parlor. Location is not big factor just need a batter plan to start this business.
  18. Dressmaking and tailoring: This is the art of sewing. Tailoring is becoming a hot profession nowadays. You can start tailoring business with low investment.
  19. Lawn care business: Make a business plan in this lawn care business. Buy some equipment for this service and make some marketing to success this plan.
  20. Weeding photography: Photographer is needed every wedding program. Make your photography business in this sector.


People wants make business, but maximum are not able to start in large scale. That’s why I suggest, start any business in small scale after you will go for big.

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