Ways to Save Money 30 Effective Tips

ways to save money

In this article I want to show you some tips and tricks to save a lot of money. Now a day it is so difficult to survive lifelong for the limited earned money. That’s why this is an emergency to save some money from different sources.  I think this different tips and ways to save money will help you to survive long happy life.

On the other hand, it is really difficult to earn money easily from the different sources. If you earn lots of money, its ok, other than you should try to save by using many ways which I describe bellow.

This is the huge question, how do you save money? I make a list here 30 ways to save money which is best easy step to save huge cash at the end of month. Let’s see this ways…

The first one is to save money…

01. Avoid fast foods and convenience foods. Health is wealth, if your health is good, it will save a lot of money avoiding the medical treatment. This kind of fast food is not healthy. That’s why try to avoid fast food and avoid convenience food.


02. Do a price comparison and find a cheaper grocery shop. Most of family purchases their grocery items from one shop every month at a time. They do not compare any items with another shop. It can do easily by tracking just 10 products which you buy every time. Check price of this item from few grocery shop. You will find who give you cheaper price, and then you will save some money.


03. Write a stick list before you go shopping. This is a good trick to save money, try to go to shopping once for whole month. If you make a shopping list, this list will help to avoiding purchase unimportant items. Try to stick to shop these items not more something.


04. Stop collecting, and start selling. It is sure that, once a time you think your collection is enough. Or you think what you collect this is enough for your family. Then you should stop collecting. You can save some money by taking this step. You may earn money also by selling the extra collection,


04. Buy long last quality appliances. In our daily life we use lot of appliances. Can we purchase best for all items? It may be not. If you buy a low quality appliance, it will not give you best value and after few times it will be lost. Then you purchase again, means extra spend. So buy the best one which has given you best value and long lasting time.

You should plan for saving money.

06. Try to repair your cloth. Don’t through your shirt just for broken a single button. Why not repair this? If possible repair your every cloth before buy a new one.


07. Don’t spend huge money entertaining your children. Somebody think it is quite difficult by saving money from this. But if you try to save from this step you can save huge money. Spend but not big amount. Entertainment cost for children is really big but try to this smaller.


08. Eat less meat by compering vegetables and fruits. I again said health is wealth. Though each kind of meet is too costly although it is not good for health. On the other hand vegetable and fruits cost is comparatively low from meet, also best for health. So try to eat more vegetable, fruits than meet.


09. Buy used when you can. You can save also huge money if you buy used product. You can find this product the nearest market, online marketplace also. By purchasing used items most of the time, you can save a lot of cash.


10. For heaven’s sake, quit smoking. Another most important thing smoking is dangerous for health. It will be sick to you after that go to doctor, medicine bla bla. On the other hand this is quite spending on regular basis. Avoiding smoke you can save some money on daily. Just imagine how many amount you can save yearly!


How can I save money every month?


11. Prepare some meals at home. It is too easy to make some meal for us at home. This kind of homemade meal is healthier and cheaper than out. You can also make fast food type items easily. For easier you may collect a cooking book where you find lot of cooking recipe. This kind of practices helps you to save huge cash.


12. Quit using credit cards. I don’t say credit cards system is bad thing; this system is helpful for many people. But this system has a power I think, which is push or encourages you to buy something all times. It has also few service charges for minimum period. If you don’t do proper management these cards, it should be quite using these cards.


13. Make your own when you can. In your free or relax time, make something what you can. Just think you can make lot of thing for you and your family uses items. If you can, it will save huge amount in every month.


14. Avoid stress time spending. Try to cool in your stress time. Don’t try to reduce stress by spending money. You may try read book, watch movies, getting meditation, garden work. But Spending money cannot reduce your stress in the long run.


15. Do holiday shopping right after the holidays. Maximum people go to shop at holidays. There are a lot of holidays rush. At this time you may not get any discount for any purchase. If you go there after that rush you get some discount. This is a trick to save from shopping.


Another is how to save money fast?


16. Cancel unused club memberships. We join more club as a membership to get honor. For this membership we give donate or subscription fee for a certain period. After join we show some activity for this club but Maximum member doesn’t continue their activity for club. So if you think cancel that club membership which has unused for you, it will save some money.


17. Rent out unused space in your home. Another good tips to save money, rent out space which is unused in your home area. If you have extra room which haven’t used yet, try to rent this room and earn some cash. But make sure all kinds safety you and your family.


18. Cancel magazine subscriptions. Lot of people loves reading books, magazine, and comic’s from online or offline. For this reason we subscribe online or offline versions. If we think cancel this kind of subscription we will save some money. Only if you think this magazine is needed for you than continue otherwise cancel this subscription.


19. Keep an idea notebook in your pocket. This tips not only for money saving it also for any kinds of lifestyle management. Keep a notebook in your pocket all time. Just write down any idea when you get it. This notebook will help you to save money when you go for any purchase.


20. Try to fix things yourself. Now a days it is not difficult to fix anything we have in our homes. You can find online tutorials and videos that show you how to fix almost anything, and all for free. No matter what you’re trying to fix, it’s always worth a shot. For this fixing by yourself will save lot of money.


Ways to save money on a tight budget.


21. Look for a cheaper place to live. Search cheaper place where you live to saving a lot of money. Just think if you save $100 per month it will be $1200 per annum. This is not important to live in luxurious place where you have more option to save lots of money for the future.


22. Start a garden. Maximum people love gardening. If you have some extra place, start a garden. Cultivate some kinds of vegetable, fruits with flowers. It will give you some fresh foods which you purchased from grocery shop. From this garden you can save some money.


23. Take public transportation. Public transport is cheaper than private transport. If you want to save some cash use public transportation. If good city transport system is available from your living place why not to use this? From this cheaper service you can save money.


24. Cut your own hair. If possible try to cut your own hair. This may not be a popular idea, but it works if you have a simple hairstyle. This is much easy what you think. I can’t remember the name who is one of the bilinear of top ten; he had cut his own hair. That was inspired to us. You can also try this for saving some money.


25. Iron your cloth if you can. Lot of money we pay for iron and washing to laundry shop. This is one of the easiest jobs you can. If you can’t iron, learn it. From this simple job for you, you can save some extra cash end of the month.


This is real creative ways to save money.


26. When buying a car, look only at used models. New car is so expensive to buy. If you want to save as much as possible on transportation, look only at used cars in comparatively good condition. If you attention on cars that are only a few years old, you may also be able to find one with-in its guarantee period.


27. Don’t overspend on hygiene products. End of the all thing we want to be happy by physically. For this reasons we try to collect best hygiene food. But make sure it should not be over spend to your budget. You should find hygiene product in cheap price to equalize the monthly or yearly budget.


28. Cut down on your vacation spending. When you go for a vacation tour, it is really tough to control expenses. Try to cut down some spending on your vacation tour. Another trick is to look into travel rewards credit cards for ways to get free hotel stays and airfare.


29. Go to office by walking if it is near from home. This is the tips to save money. Walking is the best exercise for your health. If your office is near from your home try to go there by walking. This step is keeping your health in good condition and also save some money on regular basis.


30. Read More do not speedy. Get inspiration to save money by reading more like daily basis. If you read more and more by daily in slow motion but not speedy, you may find more way to ways to save money. By this inspiration you will make best intelligent moves is this saving method.


Finally I think, all of the tips of saving money which I shown here are best. By maintaining these tips you can save a lot of hand cash end of the month. I you like this best ways to save money, please don’t forget to share to your nearest. Suggest this cheap activates to your friends and family to survive the peaceful life.

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